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Beginning with a Strong First Day of Class

  • Classroom Management Survival Guide: What Every New Member Should Know
    First day of school tips and suggesstions from the New York State United Teachers.
  • First Six Weeks of School
    A guide to laying the groundwork for successful learning within the first few weeks of the school year.
  • First Six Weeks of School: An Interview
    An interview with the author of "The First six Weeks of School: A Plan for Making the Other 36 Weeks Go Smoothly!" Roxann Kriete, one of the co-authors of the book, answers a number of questions that teachers have about planning for the start of the school year.
  • Handbook for New Teachers
    The British Columbia (Canada) Teachers' Federation's "Handbook for New Teachers" is a useful resource on topics such as planning, classroom management, student assessment, working with volunteers, and communicating with parents.
  • MiddleWeb's The First Days of Middle School
    A compilation of links specifically designed to assist new teachers. Categories include: help for new teachers, discipline and classroom managment, the first days of Middle School, and recommended books.
  • There Is Only One First Day of School
    Harry and Rosemary Wong discuss the importance of the first day of school, and how starting positively will impact the rest of the school year. There are seven things that students want and need to know within the first few weeks of school, and students can suceed when they are shown the procedures for doing them.
  • Thirteen Ways to Beat the First Day Jitters
    An excerpt from the LEARN North Carolina Beginning Teacher Handbook and the National Education Assiociation New Teacher CD.