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Emphasizing Classroom Management

  • 101 "Answers" for New Teachers and Their Mentors: Effective Teaching Tips for Daily Classroom Use
    A collection of teaching tips designed for new teachers and their mentors. Common sense strategies for classroom management and instruction are included, as well as chapters on planning, professionalism, attitudes and behaviors of effective teachers, building motivation and rapport, and the influence of the teacher.
  • Back to School Classroom Mangement Study Guide
    This study guide accompanies the AFT Beginning of the Year Classroom Management video, and is designed to help teachers review attitudes and expectations for effective classroom management.
  • Behavior Management--Proactive Measures
    Proactive measures to provide order, limit setting, and structure within the classroom.
  • Effective Classroom Management
    Excerpted from the LEARN North Carolina Begginning Teacher Handbook.
  • Homework (SIRS Close-UP # 1)
    Summary of research on homework reported by Jocelyn A. Butler of the Northwest REgionasl Educational Laboratory.
  • Real Teachers, Real Challenges, Real Solutions
    This book helps both new teachers and experienced ones to develop solutions to common classroom dilemmas. Included are suggestions for getting students to do what you want them to do, mananging student talk, dealing with off-task behavior, and more.
  • Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
    Close-Up #9 in the School Improvement Research Series (SIRS) published by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Authored by Kathleen Cotton.
  • The Definition of Classroom Management
    The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development provides a series of education topics that begin with a definition. Be sure to click on the "explore" and "resources" buttons on the right hand side of the screen in order to view short articles on the topic, audio and video files of experts and practitioners, and a listing of additional resources.